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Are You Giving Away Business to Your Competition?

If your customer had a question, or wanted more information about a product or service that you sell, how do you get that information to them? Do you send them to your competitor across the street, because they have a … Continue reading

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Google’s New Search Carousel

Today, Google rolled out one of its new features to a very small group of desktops. It’s only in testing, and only in the US. This could affect search results and how customers search for and find you. Here are … Continue reading

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Providing the Basics: Why You Need a Signature File

Are you good at getting your name out there? Do you respond promptly to e-mail and hand your business card out as part of your standard handshake to greet people? What about your contact information or website address? Is it … Continue reading

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You’re only as Strong as your Broken or Missing links

When you go to a website, looking for information, you expect to find at least some basics about the business. What they do, their philosophy, their owners or staff, contact information, maybe some pictures, reviews or examples of their work. … Continue reading

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Language and Image: The Power of Words

Does it really matter if you misspell a word here and there? What about using a word that sounds the same? It’s an easy mistake to make. Customers will be forgiving, right? Wrong. Language is a great tool for getting … Continue reading

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