Can Anyone Guarantee Your Google Ranking?

In a word, no.

Truthfully, it depends on a complex matrix of many variables, including what your competitors are doing, how aggressive your presence is, how much you are spending, and what keywords you are using to make your decisions. For Google, if you are buying Adwords, they will coincidentally rank you higher in the “organic” searches as well. If you are buying click-through ads on other platforms, the more clicks (you pay for clicks) you get, the higher your ranking. If you have more reviews on public sites, such as reviews on Google or Yahoo! Maps, or yelp, you will also rank higher.

Here is an e-mail solicitation one of our clients received. At first, it seems like most spam, fishing for business, but there are some red flags here. In the first sentence, they say “a Leading SEO & Web Development Company”, but never mention their name in the entire message. They tell you how they are one of a few companies that do this, and tell you that they are ethical in their strategy.

SEO Letter


Moving down the list, they mention “Guest Posting” as one of their services. This means that they either use anonymous/guest logins or one of many usernames to post reviews about you on review sites like Google, Yelp and others, and even on your own website if you have a reviews section. Nothing about that is ethical.

They say they will create content and blog posts for you, and submit them to other blogs on your behalf. You need to be careful about this, because it’s your image that they are creating. If you are a specialist in your field, and they know nothing about it, they will pay for articles from a 3rd party reseller who knows nothing about you.  At, we are constantly expanding our services, including writing and editing for our customers. With us, you know who is writing for your business. We are not contracting out to sources in other countries, or even other areas. We do our work in-house, to better serve our customers. It’s a growth area, and these solicitations know it. Proceed with caution.
One of our new services at is a comprehensive, cross-platform directory service. We know that we are not the only company that offers this service, or has access to this platform. They do too, but they are counting on you not knowing that.

Almost everything else is standard on any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program. We can help you with your search terms and optimizing how customers find you, the same as they can, but we’re not running a con or scam to get you to think that only they know the secrets.

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