Change is Hard

change_aheadChange is hard. We all know that things don’t stay the same, but we still fight change. It doesn’t matter if change is for the better, or if it’s to solve a problem or improve a system. We resist change. That’s why those New Year’s resolutions usually don’t stick past the end of January, if you even get that far!

Why do some people embrace change better than others? Perspective.
Why do some people resist more than others? Fear of the unknown.
Failure is always a possibility.

Success is scary, too. Then you are faced with the question of “what’s next?” Planning in large ideas, and incremental steps towards those goals, makes the big picture easier to handle. Including people that will be affected by the change in the conversation is also highly suggested. They won’t feel like it’s arbitrary and unsettling if they have had input into the change and the process. Even if they disagree with you, having a chance to voice their views is sometimes all that is really needed to smooth out the path for change to happen.

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