New Year’s Resolution: Say “No” to an Ugly Website!

Dali-Persistence-of-TimeThe New Year is always full of hope and promise. Whether it’s the resolutions you make on the 1st day, or the feeling that it’s time for a change for the better, many people start about in January getting things in order. Now is the perfect time to start on your business improvements for the coming year.

You’ve heard, probably many times over, that “image is everything”, or the “you don’t get a second chance at a first impression.” While those sayings are trite, they do hold a certain degree of accuracy, especially when you are referring to websites and marketing.

Imagine yourself doing a search online for a business. You click on the first site in the search results, and what do you expect to see? As the page loads, images fill, and text formats, in those few moments, you get a picture of the business. Not only what you see in front of you, but in your mind. Is the page well laid out? Do the images look like well-done photography? Is the information or products that you are looking for easy to find? Is the text easy to read? Any one of these could be a strike against you.

The New Year is the perfect time to take an hour and really look over everything on your site. Check out the links. Check out the images. Check out the accuracy of your information.  If you need better images, if you need a better layout, or even if you just want a fresh, new look. We can help you.

Contact your representative to request changes and updates be made, adding new images, adding a reviews page, anything from a little to a full redesign. We can also discuss adding a mobile site, setting up or maintaining your business page for Facebook, and much more.

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