Squirrels and Smartphones

squirrel phoneWhat do smartphones and squirrels have in common? And why should a business owner care?
Two years ago, CountyWebsite built a website using the domain name www.SquirrelRemoval.mobi. The site is a ‘mobile website’, built to be easily viewed by smartphones; such as iPhones, Androids, and Blackberries. It was built for a small business that specializes in pest control. Squirrels are just one type of animal which often get in and make their homes in attics…..and they become pests. The website was built to be ‘smartphone friendly’, including only the most important content from the clients main website, and with small pages to fit a small screen. When you look at the site, you don’t need to squint to read the words. You don’t need to hunt around and scroll around a big site searching. It’s neat, complete, and compact….

So was it worth it? Did it make sense for the pest control business owner to build ‘another’ website? Was there even enough traffic to justify the effort and the cost? Would the business get a return on their investment? Was it still too early?

In 2012, Google released their “Mobile Playbook”, a guide for businesses, on how to “Win with Mobile”. Google’s top mobile executive predicted that one million small businesses will go mobile with a mobile website…..last year! That was in 2012. The paper offers “5 crucial mobile questions that every business executive should be asking themselves today”. One question, “Is our organization adapting to mobile?” The paper says that mobile search queries have grown 5x in the last two years. Yes, Virginia, people today are searching for local businesses on their smart phones. Our clients are seeing it in their website statistics. We are seeing it. It’s not surprising to see the stats on a local business website today indicate 20% of the site traffic is originating from a smartphone. But, studies are also showing that consumers will look for businesses that have smartphone friendly websites. If you didn’t already jump on the mobile bandwagon, think of all of the customers that you have been missing!

Back to the squirrels. Has it paid off to build a mobile website on squirrel removal? Today, we looked at the site statistics. Over 200 unique visitors in the last three months. That is roughly the same number as it was a year ago. Keep in mind, that these 200 or so customers are all NEW business, and not the same 200 as a year ago. Is that a big number? No, not really. A traditional small business website that is established and properly marketed and search engine optimized is usually getting 3 to 5 times as much traffic. But, let’s look closer at those numbers. 200 visitors in 3 months is about 66 visitors a month. If only 5% of those viewers become clients, that is 3 clients a month. In the squirrel removal business, 3 clients in a month might account for $600 in business. Or even $600 in ‘gross’ profits. That’s $7200 in a year. That means that last year’s investment in the site already paid for the site.

But wait, this space is growing fast! Apple just reported that they sold 32.1 million iPhones last quarter. I’ve had an iPhone for a few years now, and one of the best things about it is that it’s great for surfing the web. In other words, a mobile website that is generating $7200 this year might very well be generating $10,000 in business next year. You had better believe, that is a good return on investment.

And that’s why we wanted to talk about Smartphones and Squirrels.

Why mobile marketing?
•    Your business could benefit from an attractive easy to navigate mobilized version of your website.
•    Countywebsite.com has a development platform that is compatible with all mobile devices including iPads, notebooks, tablets and all brands of smart phones.

CountyWebsite.com got started early in the mobile website space, about six years ago. We’ve built many mobile sites for local businesses. And we’re ready to assist you today with your mobile website.

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