The Tortoise AND The Hare?

Tortise and hareIn your business advertising, things are usually broken down into two choices, the Tortoise or the Hare.

The Tortoise uses the old reliable methods, and he gets fast results. Even the Tortoise has stopped using the yellow pages, but still he puts a lot of effort into web sites, despite those who claim social media is the way to go. He also sees great results from coupon programs and lead generation forms.


  • Tortoise COUPON tip – Online coupons usually work very well. We usually build a webpage that has four coupons on it. The reason online coupons work so well is they get ‘found’ when a potential customer has intent. Meaning, they find your coupons when they are looking for that type of thing. If you use an old fashioned coupon mailing service, people receive those envelopes in the mail when they are probably not looking for those services.
  • Tortoise LEAD tip – Lead generation forms. All that means is that we put a fill-out-the-blanks form on your website, instead of just having an email link. It gets more customers then an email link. Why? Well, the Tortoise doesn’t exactly know why, he just knows that it works WE know the reasons. Customers don’t want to have to take extra steps to give you their information. Opening their e-mail, copying your address, then sending you a message that they have to create is a lot to give you that information. Make the steps less. If a form is there, they are more likely to use it.

The Tortoise route to advertising and marketing is old fashioned, but it gets results!

The Hare uses only the new methods, and he is only just starting to see results. Using Facebook is partially an investment in the future. We all know of a business who had a website before any of the competition did, and today that business has built up years and years of web traffic and results. Well, this is YOUR chance to get in on something early. You can be on the cutting edge this time.

  •  Hare FACEBOOK tip – When you first have a business Facebook page, you are assigned a ‘number address’. So if you want to suggest that a prospective client or a friend take a look at your Facebook page, your url will include a long string of numbers (for example, But, once 25 people ‘like’ your Facebook page, you can request a real name, or short name. It’s like a domain name, instead of a number. That’s why you see really good Facebook names like … … So the Hare suggests that you get started on this now, so you can get a nice, short name before the ones you want are all gone.
  • Hare MOBILE tip – Mobile websites are booming! Are they being used? Next time you go to the movie theater, look around the theater before the movie starts, during the previews and popcorn ads. Especially while they are showing that Coke ad in which leaves and branches growing up from under the young girls seat. Last time I saw a movie, it was amazing how many people in the theater were staring at their smart phone screens. And they weren’t all texting their mom! Right now there are still really good mobile domain names available. Act fast.

As in most things, the right choice is likely to be some of column A and some of column B. Rarely are things one-sided, especially when it comes to business and marketing. CountyWebsite offers the Tortoise AND the Hare services! Contact us and we will help you get started. We can help you get started on the route of whatever you are missing. You can go the route of the tortoise or the hare, or choose some of each.

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