Thinking Seasonally

back-to-school-fall-sale-marketing-postersWe are all affected by the seasons and the changes that go along with them. You prepare yourself and your business for the highs and lows that come with the calendar. Pool Companies are slower in the colder months, and their business increases as the weather warms. Travel related companies have an uptick in business for summer break, but also at the holidays and school breaks. Food products are always in demand, but what your customers want can change with the seasons.

The part of the calendar we are in right now is referred to many as “Back to School” season. College students are packing up and moving, teachers are stocking their rooms with teaching materials, parents are making purchase for school supplies and wardrobes. It’s also the end of the summer, where gardeners are looking at cleaning up the yards and plantings for the dormant season, as well as storing equipment for the colder months.

What do you do to prepare your business for the changes ahead? Even after you are out of school, or your kids are out of school, people often look to the fall displays of products for inspiration in making changes for themselves. Why not use that to your business advantage and do a refresh of your own public image? Now is the perfect time to revamp your website.

Have you been thinking of a new, warmer color scheme for the fall? A sale to draw in some of that seasonal desire to change? How about a coupon program to lure online browsers and shoppers to call or come in to visit your store? What about fall fix-up specials for the home, or just a reason for a dinner out? There are a million reasons to update your website or add to the one you have. What are you waiting for?

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