Web Design time and cost?

A year ago, I visited a long time client. He owns a local service business in Fairfax County. During my visit, he showed me the mock-up for a new website he was having built. He could have used our company, CountyWebsite, to design a new site. But he may not have realized we offer web design! Our focus has long been search engine optimization, lead generation, and directory listings. So sometimes we are guilty of failing to communicate all of our services to clients.

No matter! We continued providing our services for him.

Yesterday, he and I caught up by phone. He shared that the project of building his new site ended up a failure and cost him over $20,000. That is a lot of money, since his business is small. But the story is not over. Next, he went to another company for a website design. That also bombed, but at least cost him less. Finally, he is now working with a third company, and he says he is happy with the service he is getting. His new site is not live yet, and he assures me that it may be next month (let’s hope so).

This is a horror story. It sounds like he has spent over $35,000 on web design. For the size of his business, I think he should have spent well less then $10,000.

At CountyWebsite.com Inc., we’ve been in the web design business for 20 years. We know how to get projects done on time.

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